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Ideal Smile Aligner

                 Ideal Smile® Aligner

     The clear way, to a perfect smile


Ideal Smile® ALIGNER, a unique aesthetic system designed specifically for adult patients. Ideal Smile® ALIGNER is a series of custom-made, virtually invisible and removable aligners, guaranteeing great comfort and high efficiency.

                   TGO: the new generation system

TGO technique

Completely new, it originality comes from a prescription in .020x .028 in the anterior area, in .022 x .028 in the posterior area, with interactive self-ligating brackets.

Ovation C bracketOvation® C

Advanced Ceramic Esthetics


The Ovation® C bracket is our most-advanced, traditional ceramic bracket. Engineered to deliver precision and control, Ovation® C esthetically acclimates to its environment while offering optimal stain resistance. With a durability that defies ceramics, Ovation® C brackets are strong enough to rebond as needed. All while delivering the predictable results you want, the patient comfort you expect and the esthetics you demand. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from a DENTSPLY GAC bracket.

GCARE - Innovation and Education


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Dentsply Sirona Bovendeert Awards


At Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics and GAC we believe in the importance of University Research.  For this reason, and as part of our GCARE initiative, we have initiated the first Dentsply Sirona Bovendeert Awards for orthodontic residents. 


The Award is designed to promote and recognize excellence in clinical or translational research with our European residents.  This year´s winner were announced by Dr. Sandy Van Tessling of Holland at the recent EPSOS meeting held in Stockholm on June 11. Congratulation to this year's winners, Abdulrahman Alshammari, Omer Fleissig and Hoda Rahimi!


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TGO: the new generation system

Completely new, it originality comes from a prescription in .020x .028 in the anterior area, in .022 x .028 in the posterior area, with interactive self-ligating brackets. This system combined with .020 x .025 archwires allows a total interpretation of the anterior torque while involving a strict control of the lateral areas for greater rigidity in the systems described so far, leaving a degree of personal freedom sliding. Therefore, the friction forces are reduced.

This bracket is divided into central and lateral incisors upper and lower. Prescription TGO combines the advantages of the In-Ovation® system with a new and unique prescription in the anterior region.

During certain strategic phases of orthodontic treatment, the need for the control of the third order of the upper incisor makes sense. The main phases are basically the leveling and the exacerbation of the upper arch, the retraction of the incisors and the implementation of the mechanical class II which is the most complex phase.

The evolution of our technology with the TGO prescription, allows us to obtain such result by a suitable mechanical reflection, as well as the use of specific materials formed by all bracket / wire. The maximized sliding and the decreasing friction ensure the use of forces the most appropriate for tooth movement in respect of physiology forces.

Requirements and Archwire

TGO In-Ovation® R

Central .020 x .02812°T5°A 189-110-00189-210-00
Lateral .020 x .0288°T9°A 189-120-00189-220-00
Canine .022 x .0280°T8°A2°M189-132-61189-232-61
Premo 4/5 .022 x .028-7°T0°A2°D189-142-00189-242-00
Premo 4/5 .022 x .028 avec CR     -7°T0°A2°D189-142-10189-142-10


Central/Lateral .020 x .0281°T2°A 189-310-00189-410-00
Canine .022 x .0283°T7°A2°M189-332-61189-432-61
1st premo .022 x .028-17°T-1°A4°D189-342-00189-442-00
1st premo .022 x .028 avec CR-17°T-1°A4°D189-342-10189-442-10
2nd premo .022 x .028-22°T-1°A4°D189-352-00189-452-00
2nd premo .022 x .028 avec CR  -22°T-1°A4°D189-352-10189-452-10


TGO In-Ovation® C

Central .020 x .028       12°T5°A 100-110-00100-210-00
Lateral .020 x .0288°T9°A 100-120-00100-220-00
Canine .022 x .028 with CR0°T8°A2°M100-132-61100-232-61
1st premo 4/5 .022 x .028-7°T0°A2°D100-142-00100-242-00
1st premo 4/5 .022 x .028 with CR-7°T0°A2°D100-142-10100-242-10


Central/Lateral .020 x .028        -1°T2°A100-310-00100-410-00
Canine .022 x .028 avec CR-3°T7°A2°M100-332-61100-432-61


Arcs TGO Acier

03-225-653TGO SS IDL20X25UP
03-225-663TGO SS IDL20X25LW
03-228-653TGO SS IDL20X28UP
03-228-663TGO SS IDL20X28LW


Arcs TGO Esthétiques







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